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[background_width][text css=”width:100%;clear:both;” typography=”Text {line-height: 22.85714286px;font-size: 16px;}”]3D Parking Křižíkova 44 – Underground garage with security and non-stop operation.
We provide favorable long-term parking, both for individuals and for companies. Monthly tariff from 2700 CZK without VAT *, the possibility of cash payments or invoice. Possibility of reserve a particular place for an additional fee. There are more than 100 parking spaces. The maximum allowable vehicle height is 3 m. Your car deserves to park with us! Contact: josef.krsnak@safetyinvest.cz tel .: 606 602 014

* When the contract for a minimum of 5 parking spaces.[/text][/background_width]

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